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About SpringCure

Hi! My name is Dr. Mohammad Emran.

I’m a general and pediatric surgeon and weight loss expert who’s helped thousands of adults and adolescents overcome obesity over the past several years.

One thing that I’ve discovered during this time is that many of the traditional approaches to weight loss are surprisingly ineffective and sometimes… even counterproductive.

It all happened one day while I was speaking to one of my patients who had gone through weight loss surgery a while back.

She was eating healthier than ever before and was exercising regularly but still couldn’t lose weight effectively. Her frustration finally bubbled over one day when she said, “I think my fat gene is turned on and I can’t shut it off!”

She said the phrase jokingly as a way to make light of the frustration we were both feeling… but somehow it stuck with me.

Immediately, I began researching everything I could find on weight loss and specifically what the fat gene actually is and why its there…

What I found actually stunned me and changed the way I looked at obesity, weight gain and weight loss… forever.

I learned how many of the currently accepted beliefs about dieting, exercise, and even surgery were all wrong and in many cases… were even unnecessary.

I also uncovered some of nature’s clever tricks to turn on and off the fat gene during certain times of the year that trigger our body’s to gain and lose weight as needed.

The more I researched and dug into the information about the obesity genes and what triggers them to turn on and what shuts them off, the more angry I became because I realized we’d all been put into a perpetual fat gaining cycle that was impossible to get out of with the traditional methods everyone uses.

It was very frightening in many ways but in some ways… also very encouraging.

I learned that not only did we all have the “Fat Gene,” we all have several of them and they’re in each and every cell of our body!

Certain foods, exposures, deficiencies and activities all can impact whether these genes get turned on. Once we know that we can turn our fat genes on like a light switch, it becomes possible to turn it off again.

I also learned that many of the solutions to silencing the fat gene were found in one particular season of the year… Spring.

That’s when I created SpringCure whose mission is to empower adults struggling with obesity to finally lose weight and achieve the good health and vitality they desire by finding and sharing these hidden natural secrets to silencing their fat genes forever through the products and services we offer.

Learn more about the SpringCure story here.

Featured Products

The "SpringCure Solution"

The Doctor Created, Scientifically Proven 12-Week System To Successful Weight Loss.

The only weight loss solution for middle-aged adults (45+) and older that switches off your fat gene and helps you lose major amounts of stubborn excess body fat… (…All without you having to do some crazy starvation diet or joint-busting insane workouts.)

You’ll discover:

  • 3 simple tricks to boost your metabolism as much as 127%… without changing a single thing about your diet or exercise routine.
  • 7 weight loss myths that most people take as truths but are actually causing you to hang on to excess body fat!
  • You’ll also get access to our SpringCure Resource Vault, Our Top Notch Health Coaches, and exclusive Cellular Nutrition Training.

Fast-Track Your Health

The Four Keys to Successful Weight Loss

Fast-Track Your Health organizes the process of weight loss once and for all for anyone struggling to lose and keep off excess fat. Frequently, people either don’t know where to start with weight loss or begin with incorrect information. For example, many books focus on specific diets or types of exercise.

In contrast, Fast-Track Your Health de-emphasizes those traditional approaches and instead looks at the process of weight loss and shares the common factors among people who have already succeeded in losing weight.

If you’re an adult struggling with weight loss and have found yourself asking “What EXACTLY are the fundamental building blocks for successful and sustainable weight loss?” This FREE book I just published answers that question and a whole LOT more!

If you’re serious about finally losing weight and keeping it off… this is the place to start!