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Rewire Your Approach to Weight Loss

Let go of your old beliefs about weight loss. They control 100% of your actions. Stuff like prepackaged food, insane work-outs, embarrassing group weigh-ins… those actions. They don’t work!

SpringCure knows they don’t work. As a physician-driven company, our approach is based on what does work- science. Yes, nutrition and fitness count. But science clearly demonstrates that biology must be coupled with the sciences of behavior and success.

Our products and programs integrate cutting-edge behavioral, biological and success science to make the seemingly impossible- sustainable weight loss- possible.

We enable individuals struggling with obesity to lose that excess weight and experience a life of high energy, mobility, and vitality, so they can be the leader their family can count on as well as enjoy the lifestyle they had when they were younger.

"Thank you SpringCure for helping us accomplish health goals that just weren't happening on our own. The benefits are impacting every facet of our lives. I feel like we have only begun the journey and I'm loving how much has already improved." *

- Judy, Portland, TX

"My session helped clarify my thinking around my diet. I had not thought in depth around these issues and it
gave me a lot of little easy steps I can do to make it better. I’m aware now that I am concerned about my
supplements and nutrients. I learned that I’m doing a really good job. Can’t wait to celebrate!" *

- Kathy, Michigan

Featured Products

The SpringCure Online Weight Loss Program

The SpringCure Online Weight Loss Program is a 12-week online program that builds on the Fast-Track Your Health Program and the Four Keys to Weight Loss Success.

If you’re serious about losing weight, this is the ideal path for you. With 3 months of on going training, you’ll be set for success. After covering the Four Keys to Success, we go into the Wheels of Life for the three categories of Fitness, Attitude, and Nutrition. You’ll also be able participate in multiple group calls with our top notch health coaches.


12-week program
Weekly Instructional Video Lessons
Downloadable resources: Food Journal, Guides, and Wheels of Life
Group Calls with our SpringCure Health Coaches
24/7 access
and much, much more!

Fast-Track Your Health

The Four Keys to Successful Weight Loss

Fast-Track Your Health organizes the process of weight loss. Frequently, people either don’t know where to start with weight loss or begin with incorrect information. For example, many books focus on specific diets or types of exercise.

In contrast, Fast-Track Your Health de-emphasizes those traditional approaches and instead looks at the process of weight loss and shares with the reader the common factors among people who have already succeeded in losing weight.